About The Poet Life

The Poet Life is a team of professional poets and artists who are passionate about helping individuals, businesses, and organizations promote their brand, tell their story, connect with their audience and spice up their event through the use of poems. We have a large network of professional poets who have vast experience in the live entertainment industry. Our poets have performed in several live presentations and have thrilled millions of spectators. We are renowned for our creativity, ingenuity, and ability to deliver impactful lines that always strike a chord with our audience.

At The Poet Life, Poetry is our art and we are committed to promoting our art by always delivering services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We are continually growing our portfolio of poems and network of poets. We have the expertise and experience required to assess your needs and help you find the perfect act for your commercials, events or media projects. Our team is committed to teaching and sharing their artistic abilities with as many people as possible. We organize workshops for those who want to master self-expression, public speaking, poetry business, team building and many more. To find out more about The Poet Life, please contact us now.

Our Story

We work closely with our clients to understand their poetry needs. Our projects include workshops, multi media collaborations, and curriculum development. The Poet Life produces quality work by focusing on skill development, technique and discipline.


Poet Life Academy

The Poet Life Academy facilitates writing and poetry workshops for children ages 5-17. Our workshops help children develop self confidence, build social skills, and strengthen oral communication. We work with school districts and community organizers to customize impactful programs.


  • Host school assemblies
  • Plan and facilitate field trips
  • Create spoken word curriculum
  • Perform at special events
  • Develop and train spoken word team