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The World In Blue by Melanie DeMayo

The World In Blue by Melanie DeMayo

September 05, 2017 2 Comments

My eyes can feel the suffering
And the pain it’s sure to bring.
No time to think of my family
Gotta respond to another emergency.

Winds blow. Waters Rise.
Won’t let them see tears in my eyes.

It’s a calling, a falling away from my own life.
To give and protect and comfort those
While ignoring my personal strife.

I feel connected and yet detached.
I feel pressure of hugs, of arms around my shoulders,
Wondering where MY shoulder is
To sigh on, to rely on, to drop my head and cry on.

“Look up! Move this way-not that way!”
My head narrowly escaped that limb
And I know Why.
It’s a Knowing True so deep inside me.
I’m showing you. I can testify.

This Force came upon me,
And led me through the storm
So I could lead you to safety and dry ground.
I ,too, was lost in the storm of life, in this stormy strife
But now am Found.

I grieve to think that I saved your life today.
But will you point a gun at me tomorrow?
And on I push into harm’s way,
No time for my own sorrow.

The Force from Psalm 91
Rests upon us in Blue.
It’s a Blue life I lead.
It’s a Calling.
It’s a falling away from my own life.
To give and protect and comfort those,
While ignoring my personal strife.

September 1, 2017
Melanie DeMayo
Lakeway, Texas

2 Responses

Bette Pritchett
Bette Pritchett

October 06, 2017

Very well done, this sums it up perfectly in a beautiful presentation.

Nancy Switt
Nancy Switt

September 12, 2017

I found this poem very uplifting and inspirational. We all struggle and yet we push forward with incentives and rewards as personal and unique as the person going through it.

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