Poet Life Academy

About PLA

The Poet Life Academy is a unique and exciting program that we provide to grade schools, various organizations, and to the community. It is our goal to encourage as many students as possible to use writing and poetry as an outlet instead of holding their feelings and emotions in. Often time, our children feel no one can relate with what they're going through. Students are being bullied in school and on the internet all across the country. Help us prevent the lowering of our children's self-esteem and confidence which can sometimes lead to them taking their own lives.


Ms. Luki Performing Spoken Word Poetry to Students @ 

Themba Creative Learning Center

The students Learning How To Respond To Poet's Performance 

Our Curriculum

The "Dreamers" curriculum is a beginners poetry series. Students, during their class, explore their dreams and desires for their lives. Through the lens of poetic expression, they then create a roadmap of success to achieve that dream. This curriculum focuses in particular on two forms of figurative language varying due to age (5-9: onomatopoeia and rhyme) (10-12: onomatopoeia and simile). Poet Life is a licensee of the Dreamers curriculum through our partners, "Called To Move" in California.

Bring Poet Life To Your Institution!
We encourage you to allow us to bring our excitement and creativity to your student body. Allow us to show your kids how they can use writing and poetry as an outlet and a way to make an impact in the world. To request more information or to contact us to discuss the possibilities, complete the Request Form below.

Has Your Child Taken the Poet Life Kids Pledge?

Parents, join the Poet Life Movement and have your children, between the ages of 5. and 12, participate by taking the Poet Life Kids Pledge. It is our goal to get as many kids as possible to take this pledge to use writing and poetry as an outlet instead of holding their feelings and emotions in. 

If you would your child to be featured on our site reciting their pledge, please follow the steps below.

1. Assist your child in committing the pledge to memory
2. Record them reciting the pledge
3. Complete the form on our website
4. Upload your child's video



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