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The Poet Life Movement

 You are welcomed to join this multifaceted movement and community of writers and poets (and future writers and poets). We seek to creatively use this art form as an outlet and vehicle that drives us to live a life of passion and purpose. Our mission is to raise awareness and the confidence levels of those who believe that the only way to express themselves is through the often-difficult verbal form of communication. We believe that writing and sharing what we write can save, preserve, and and enhance our lives and the lives of others. Join us on this journey. We welcome you to the Poet Life!

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Poet Life kids

Has Your Child Taken The Poet Life Kids Pledge?

Poet Life Kids Pledge

Poet Life Kids

Parents, join the Poet Life Movement and have your children, between the ages of 5. and 13, participate by taking the Poet Life Kids Pledge. It is our goal to get as many kids as possible to take this pledge to use writing and poetry as an outlet instead of holding their feelings and emotions in because they feel no one can relate with what they're going through. Our children are being bullied all across the country. Help us prevent the lowering of our children's self-esteem and confidence which sometimes leads to them taking their lives.

Poet Life Kids Pledge

Poet Life Academy

Where Students Are "Called To Move"

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Poet Life Academy

The Poet Life Academy is a mobile service we provide schools, churches, and many different profit organizations across the country. We currently service four schools in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. The ages ranges between the ages of 5 and 13. We employ professional poets who teach the students written and spoken word poetry. Our "Dreamers" curriculum promotes public speaking, self-confidence, and implementation of one's creativity.

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Where it All Started

Washignton, D.C.

About: christoph jenkins, Founder/ceo

Christoph Jenkins grew up in DC and in Silver Spring, MD by way of Denver, Colorado - his birthplace. His love for poetry was born in the first grade when his teacher gave his class an assignment where he and his classmates had to create a book of poetry. They were tasked with designing the cover and writing the actual poetry that would be "published" in the book. Young Christoph found himself on cloud 9 where he discovered he had a passion and gift for writing poetry.The founder, Christoph Jenkins, a community organizer and an avid lover of poetry, observed a void in the spoken word community within the tri-state area. With his vision in tow, he created an outlet for artists and was determined to change this by networking and partnering with influencers in the area and around the country introducing them to spoken word poetry and the benefits of including it into their programs and initiatives. 

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